My wife searched the internet and found Dr. Xie after having had a miscarriage last year. My wife and me would say that Dr. Xie is hands down the best acupuncturist we have worked with so far. He is so patient and really listens to my wife’s concerns. He had a positive attitude and encouraging since day one. He even guaranteed  that my wife would have a successful pregnancy by following his orders. Dr. Xie’s wife, who is a gynecologist in China, is also very educated and helpful. Her valuable advice is a plus.

After 3 months of acupuncture and herbal medicine, my wife found out she was pregnant again. Currently my wife are 2 months along into the pregnancy and thrilled. We would like to thank Dr. Xie and his wife for everything they have done. 

Alan W.
Arcadia, CA

Dr. Xie has over 30 years of clinical experience, he is very knowledgable and experienced in eastern medicine field.  I used to go to a lot of acupuncturist for seeking help with abdominal pains during menstrual cycle.  Almost all acupuncturist will pair herbs along with treatments to enhance the efficiency.  I stopped going to those clinics since brewing raw herbs everyday was too much work for me.

My friend suggested me to see Dr. Xie, with $40 per treatment and $80 for herbs/week supply.  In the beginning, I thought it was a little expensive.  However, Dr. Xie was willing to help talking to my insurance company to find out coverage for me.  Dr. Xie explained to me that their needles are mainly from Japan or German with nano material coating on it, after 2 treatments, I feel significantly better.  Even better is they can help with the herb extract so I don’t have to worry about brew the raw herbs everyday now. 

Jannela X.
Pasadena, CA

It was an amazing experience ever! I have been suffering extremely pain in shoulders for a while. The result came out very good and my pain was alleviated. The service was really good and I had very relaxing time there! Definitely will go again! 

Kai K.
New York, NY

I’ve always believe in eastern medicine, just not too sure where to go. Until a friend came here for her pain problem refer me. I’ve suffer from bad headache, anemic, bad menstral flow, dizziness. Months after months I take iron, Tylenol but the problem become chronic. After a week of treatment, my headache were alleviated, I felt more energetic & my head clearer 🙂It’s been a month & my anemic & menstral problem is back to normal. I have 2 more months of treatment. It’s a bit of a costly process but well worth it for a healthier & natural cure. Western med problem could cause me more problem. I can’t think of taking Tylenol daily & def didn’t want to do so.  Accupunture session were uneasy the first session, but consider it took away my headache. It’s well worth it! The needles look scarier than the way it felt. It’s actually not as painful as I perceive it to be.
Herbal medicine 3x a day isn’t too bad. There’s no need for cooking hours & hours of herbal med, it’s an herbal extract that you mix & drink with warm water.  If you have pain problem, menstral problem, or any chronic problem that western med can’t cure! This is the place to go. Insurance should go to cover places like this that works! Going to family practice, blood work, iron, Tylenol was a waste of $$$ & time!
Unfortunately Chinese med isn’t cover by insurance. They accept cash & check.
針灸跟中藥一點都不難受。這裡真的是很棒。謝醫生幫我­解決了頭痛 調理了身體的貧血問題。

nicole v.
Alhambra, CA

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Xie for a variety of ailments for the past few years. He was actually recommended to me by my doctor at Kaiser! This is a no-nonsense clinic, and I’ve always felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Xie has an incredible amount of experience, and he knows what is going on without a lot of explanation. This is helpful because there can be somewhat of a language barrier. Dr. Xie and his wife are incredibly kind and hard working. They can typically squeeze you in even on the weekends. I highly recommend!

Carolyn G.
Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Xie is amazingly the best there is.  I have been to other acupuncturists before and, although they have worked fairly well,  I feel almost no pain here.  He uses the very best in his practice and he is extremely HONEST.  He will tell you like it is,  how long and how many treatments you will need for your problems and is reasonably priced.  Very nice doctor and his wife are at this office.   He “listens” to your pulse and gets the right herbs together for you to better your health.  He listens to what you have to say and then asks questions pertaining to you.  He has fixed my arthritis of 30 years and is now working on my sciatica.

I would recommend Dr. Xie to anyone who has any kind of injuries or is experiencing any kind of pain. Dr. Xie is just so good at what he does!  Highly highly recommended! And you can thank me later!

Joan M.
Rosemead, CA


As far as I know, Dr. Xie is simply the very best acupuncturist that you can find!  He is simply amazing at what he does and acupuncture is easily 2nd nature to him!  He got his doctor’s license in China, and has had over 20 years of experience in China before practicing here.  He has personally been my acupuncturist for about 10 years here in the SGV.

I go to Dr. Xie for every kind of pain that you can think of, and like magic, oftentimes the pain goes away with just 1 to a few treatments. He is just so good at what he does. He is so knowledgeable and just by feeling the part of your body with pain, he instantly knows what kind of pain you have and what kind of treatment you need. Sometimes he will feel you pulse as well to get an in-depth reading.

More recently, I was at the gym doing dead lift exercises without a weight belt and in the middle of lifting those heavy weights, I heard a snap in my back and my back gave out. I was experiencing a lot of pain that whole day and the next day as well. Then I finally decided to go to Dr. Xie.  After just 1 session, most of the pain in my back was gone!!  After my 2nd session, I was fully recovered! Amazing!! You can’t get that kind of healing anywhere!

Dr. Xie’s prices are also very reasonable. The 1st session is $65, and every session thereafter is $40.  And cost of herbal medicine is $80.

Dr. Xie is very experienced and kind, and the cost is very reasonable.

David W.
8/18/2013 1 check-in here .
Monterey Park, CA


I brought my father to the clinic, who had some injury in his hand. He felt much better after the treatment, and the pain is almost gone.

Benyang T.
Los Angeles, CA

For my recent infertility issues, my OB/GYN suggested that I go on Comid for four rounds, but it didn’t work. So she told me to look into IVF. The problem was that I didn’t think I was infertile. I just needed a little push in the right direction. That’s when I found Dr. Xie.

During my first consultation, he carefully asked about my health history, he listened to my pulse and told me I just needed to balance out my hormones. Then, I would have no problem getting pregnant again. Sure enough!… Within my first menstrual cycle, I was pregnant with only a week and a half of acupuncture and herbal treatments.

After a month into my pregnancy, I started to have some light spotting and light period-like bleeding. This time, my OB placed me on progesterone to help me stop the bleeding, but that still didn’t help. She told me there was nothing else she could do except hope for the bleeding to stop. If the bleeding continued, it would eventually flush out the baby, and I would end up with a miscarriage. The bleeding didn’t stop.

But on the opposite end, Dr. Xie again told me not to worry, because he can stop my bleeding with acupuncture and herbal treatments. With this, he continued to monitor my progress throughout the first trimester. I had new prescriptions for herbs every week and light acupuncture treatments, as needed. Finally, the bleeding stopped at week 9 of my pregnancy. Even my OB was surprised at how normal and healthy my pregnancy is going! Now, I am in my second trimester and everything is looking so good so far!

I would recommend Dr. Xie to anyone! He’s not only knowledgeable about eastern medicine, but he is also extremely patient. He carefully and patiently answered all my questions that I had throughout the process and even reassured me that things would be okay!


Isaballi W.

               The wife and I were referred to this clinic by a couple who had some trouble getting pregnant. Apparently, they conceived within a month after treatment. We booked our first appointment in mid-December and then both of us started acupuncture three times a week in early January, plus herb tea after every meal. My wife and I are not young, but Dr. Xie guaranteed us we would have a baby. Yes, that’s right. Guaranteed! He’s that sure. As for it being a Dragon baby, I’m not gonna count my eggs before they’re delivered, so stay tuned. BTW, Dr. Xie’s wife was a gynecologist in China, so she’s a bonus for this stuff. (We’ve been trying to conceive for over a year.) Benjamin (the son) translates for us on some occasions, but most of our visits we communicate fine without him.

LT. G.


Dr. Xie, his wife and son Benjamin are the nicest people you will ever meet. Dr. Xie is extremely knowledgeable and will treat you like family.
I went to Dr. Xie for chronic fatigue problems that have plagued me more than 15 years and he cured me. My girlfriend also was treated for headaches by Dr. Xie and she was cured immediately. Their prices are very low for treatments and are a tremendous value. We drove over 120 miles each way to see himand it was very much worth the drive.  He provided us both comfort and peace of mind.

Greg N. from Bonita CA

Dear Dr. Xie,

How have you and your wife been doing? I hope you both are doing well! Finally, my daughter, Burnette, she has been doing very well as you can tell when you read her letter. She has a very happy and heathy life now, and she has been doing charity volunteer to keep herself busy and helpful.

I am also doing fine – working and keep myself busy as usual. My son, Bryan just graduated from college this past Summer, and he also got a job and he will start this coming January/2011. I am glad I have done a fair job as a mother to raise my two children, and at least now they can take care of themself so I don’t have to worry too much about them.

I attached Burnette’s letter to this email, please let me know if you receive it. I very grateful for what you had done for Burnette. I hope you and your wife are well and healthy so you and her can help many other people that needs you. I will see you and your wife again one day, please say “Hello” to her for me. Thank you you both so much again.

Very grateful,

Loan/Burnette’s mother
Mon 11/08/10 1:15 PM

This is a long overdue thank you letter for Dr. Xie. However, the words on this paper can never fully describe the deep gratitude and happiness that I truly feel because Dr.Xie genuinely saved my life.
Before my treatment, I had no future or dreams. I was constantly worried and consumed by my health due to my chronic kidney disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, since the age of one.What made it worse was that Western medicine could not figure out the root cause or a real cure for my ailment, so I lived a life with a lot of questions. My future mainly consisted of worries: will I ever be able to have a successful career, will I have to be dependent on my mother forever, will I ever get to travel, and so many other uncertain dreams.
My health started to really worry me when Western medicinal treatments started failing. I would be put on a new medication with lots of negative side effects. I would feel puffy, gain weight, get headaches, feel dizzy, get joint pain, and my skin would break out, but it would all be for nothing because treatment after treatment would fail.
My mom became desperately worried and that was when she heard about Dr. Xie through
word of mouth. She did what any mother would do — she was willing to travel from Northern California to Southern California to see Dr. Xie at whatever cost until however long so I could be cured. At first, I was skeptical because I’ve been to other acupuncturists who have done nothing for me. However, Dr. Xie was different, I soon learned, because he has a background in both Western and Eastern medicine and incorporates both in his treatments. He was able to explain biologically and physiologically what was happening to my kidneys and it made sense (with my biological sciences background), which most other acupuncturists can’t do.
That was when my mother’s and my journey began and I started to see hope again. We
traveled by bus from San Jose, CA to LA County, CA every weekend for a year and
a half. Whatever weather, delays, financial costs, sacrificing holidays/social life, we did it. I
started seeing changes in my body after the first month. I continued with my Western medicinal treatments alongside Dr. Xie’s treatment, but this time, instead of nothing working, I was actually getting better! I continued seeing Dr. Xie for a total of almost 3 years.
The happiest day of my life was when I had a follow-up appointment with my nephrologist and he said that I didn’t have to take any more medications. I was done! I was well and healthy! Since I have completed treatment with Dr. Xie I have done so many things that I couldn’t do before. I now have a successful, full-time career in the medical field, I have moved out on my own, have my own side businesses/projects, traveled to Europe, ran a half marathon, and I am constantly dreaming and hopeful for my future. I am super happy with my life right now and it is all because of Dr. Xie.
Forever grateful,


Mon 11/08/10

… “all roads lead to Rome.” When one school of medicine does not work satisfactorily, maybe another can help effectively.  In my case, the brain surgery could have only been performed by MD’s, but the rehab/re-conditioning” could have only been performed by Chinese Medicine — by Dr. Xie!

And be careful when selecting a medical doctor, whether an MD or Chinese Medicine doctor; Dr. Xie is truly amazing and THE REAL THING!

Stephen Hu
December 18th , 2007

               … I was referred to Dr. Xie after my Sept. 09, 2002 blood test.  almost two months taking the herb treatment, my total cholesterol was reduced to 170.  As I am proudly show you all my blood test on 09/09/2002, 12/16/2002 and 12/19/2006.  My cholesterol is still at a good level.  It is amazing that herb treatment helps me to control my cholesterol for over three years.

I thank Dr. xie the wonderful reduction for my cholesterol and hoping more patients could benefit from your herb treatment.


               …  I am very grateful to Dr. Zhichao Xie. Without his treatment, the herpes simplex in my eye will reoccur and eventually I will lose my eyesight from this incurable disease.  I recommended Dr. Xie to friends and family members who had years of health problems.  They all recovered from getting treatment from Dr. Zhichao Xie… 

Tsao Ph.D

               …  As a health care provider, I know the significant contribution that Dr. Xie provides through his work.  He is extremely competent in his field utilizing both his knowledge as a medical doctor in China and his training in Tranditional Chinese Medicine to enhance his quality of care in acupuncture.  For many, like myself, Dr. Xie offers a skill and insight in the benefits and the limitations of acupuncture at a level that few without his degree of training and experience possess.  More importantly, he does so with complete honesty, competence, and professionalism.  Dr. Xie does not hesitate to point out the limitations of his practice, frankly telling his patients what he can do and what should be seen by their physician.  I believe that Dr. Xie is a hard working, intelligent, kind individual that cares most about his family and his patients.  He works hard to provide for both and is an asset not only to the medical profession, but to society in general.

Chen D.M.D